Marketboomer - transact at scale


Purchasing, inventory and invoice processing AT SCALE

for hospitality and health services

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Fully automated

Marketboomer fully automates your purchasing, invoicing and inventory. Your catalogues are always up-to-date, your orders are processed electronically by your suppliers, your invoices arrive electronically and are automatically interfaced with your accounts payable system ready to pay.



Marketboomer's innovative funding model means that buyers can use the application at zero net cost. To offset your costs, Marketboomer shares with you revenue from suppliers who discount invoices to get paid early or who participate in dynamic trading. You may even generate more revenue than you pay in licence fees.


Amazing PIM

Imagine knowing every product you buy from every supplier and being able to compare those products against similar products from other suppliers. Marketboomer's product information management (PIM) capabilities are unparalleled in hospitality and health care.

Implement multiple sites in multiple regions fast
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Getting started is easy

Implementing a procure to pay solution is not normally easy. Most procure to pay implementation fail because they cannot scale. There are too few purchase orders going to too few suppliers. And there are too few electronic invoices coming from too few suppliers. Our implementations succeed because we get you started quickly and easily and we can scale. We can enable all of your sites and all of your suppliers and our business model incentivises us to do so.

Improve your operations beyond your expectations
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