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Purchase Plus

Our core eProcurement platform connects buyers and suppliers online. Buyers manage their procurement and spend, and suppliers provide product availability and pricing. Purchase Plus provides visibility and control over a buyers spend. The platform manages the procure-to-pay cycle and all document communication between the buyer and supplier with integration points to enable automated document handling. Suppliers are able transact efficiently with their customers and with added visibility over their purchasing needs take advantage of the opportunity to increase the share of their customers overall spend.


Invoicing Inbox

Electronic invoicing eliminates needless data entry and reduces errors and reconciliation overheads. Our Invoicing Inbox provides buyers with a virtual Inbox for suppliers to send customer invoices. Once an invoice arrives, it is automatically reconciled against a purchase order or routed for approval based on the buyer's AP rules. The invoice is then sent directly to the buyers Accounts Payable system ready for payment. Suppliers have complete visibility over the invoice status to address any issues quickly and ensure payment to terms. Suppliers may also receive detailed payment remittance advices to make reconciliations faster.


Fast Payment Network

This industry initiative builds on the efficiency our Invoicing Inbox platform applies to invoice processing. Suppliers are paid fast and eliminate accounts receivable overheads and buyers receive a discount. Suppliers may participate on our unique Fast Payment Network by offering a discount to buyers for fast payment. Buyers take advantage of this discount by agreeing to pay on a weekly pay cycle. Suppliers are offered a network discount rate and once accepted will receive fast payment from all participating buyers. There is no negotiation required with buyers, simply decide is the discount required for fast payment is worth eliminating accounts receivable overheads and capital costs and the rest is automated.

Implement multiple sites in multiple regions fast
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Getting started is easy

Implementing a procure to pay solution is not normally easy. Most procure to pay implementation fail because they cannot scale. There are too few purchase orders going to too few suppliers. And there are too few electronic invoices coming from too few suppliers. Our implementations succeed because we get you started quickly and easily and we can scale. We can enable all of your sites and all of your suppliers and our business model incentivises us to do so.

Improve your operations beyond your expectations
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